Galleri Norske Grafikere, Oslo

7 September - 8 October 2017

The ocean has for some time been a recurring theme in my work. For me, concentration and condensation of this unpredictable environment is a constant source of new interpretation. Translation, observation, projection and memory are central elements of the working process, which takes place both inside and outside.

Many years ago, by pure chance, I started to work on parchment paper. In Norway there is a special type that is precut into rectangles and are used to separate sandwiches in the lunch box. Anyway, I was about to go sailing and had forgotten my watercolor paper at home. In the convenience store this kind of patty paper was the only option. The transparent thin surface quickly became a favorite. This cheap paper, designed to be thrown away, proved practical, robust and resistant. It gave a sense of freedom.

For the exhibition SEA SALT, I made several thousand linoleum prints on this paper. I think of them as retinal images of the ocean reduced to simple lines. Dispersive waves, currents and new cloud formations. Each print is a unique variation; a monotype of sorts. Patterns are formed when several prints of the same motif are installed together. The lines shift continuously, dissolve and meet again to form new patterns. Repetition creates grooves, rhythms and organic events. Small unidentifiable particles crystallize as sea salt.

The exhibition was realized with the generous support of Norske Grafikeres Fond. 

A big thanks to Silje Johannesen , Bjørn Bjarre, Anders Kjellesvik and  Inga Sund Hofset for help with the installation.