The Banff Centre, Banff, Canada


Winterjourney was a six week thematic residency that I led together with invited artist Zach Cahill and art historian Sarah Ganz Blythe at the Banff Centre in Canada during the winter of 2014. We started off with a one day listening event of Franz Schubert’s 24 songs in Winterreise, one for each hour,   starting with song number one at one o’clock in the morning. To confront the romantic idea of solitary confinement in the mountains, we set  up a camp on top of a mountain. The plan was to have ongoing discussions here. With temperatures down to -30 °C (-22 °F) this was not possible. Studio visits and group discussions were instead held indoors complimented by daily morning walks up Tunnel Mountain and excursions to Sulphur Mountain, Sunshine Valley and D ranch on the Eastern slopes of the Rockies. At the end of the residency we arranged  a public event as part of the local Snow Days festival, we built a tent mountain together and organized a ping-pong painting class for trees, elves and animals accompanied by Austrian mountain music and sailor songs.

Particpating artists:

Del Hiller, Gillian Dykeman, Sarah Burwash,  Eric  Watts,  Dustin Wilson, Carmel Symour, Allesandro, Jane Isakson, Dee Gibbs,  Alfonso Borrogan,  Dagmara Genda,  Nicole Dextras and Kate Jackson

Thanks to the help and support of Karly Mortimer.